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Cosmetic Products

Contract Analysis

We offer the following services for the analysis of cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and packagings:


Our analytical processes

    are according to

ISO/IEC 17025

>  For registration of cosmetics/cosmeceuticals and quality assurance
    •  Chemical analysis of the raw materials
    •  Chemical analysis of the final products
    •  Chemical analysis of antidegradants/preserving-agents
        (e.g. isothiazolinones, formaldehyde)
    •  Identification of phtalates, paraffins, silicones
    •  Identification of hydrocarbons
        (e.g. aromatic, aliphatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons)
    •  Quantitation of active agents
    •  Preparation of safety assesments
>  List of analyzed cosmetics/cosmeceuticals
    •  Shampoos and shower gels
    •  Toothpastes and mouthwashes
    •  Lotions and cremes
    •  Sunscreens
    •  Lipsticks and eyelid lines  
    •  Perfums, eau de toilettes and aftershaves

>  Verification and identification of forbidden constituents and critical limits according
     to European and German regulations, standards and guidelines

>  Plastic container testing
    •  Phenolic antioxidants (isopropanol extraction, HPLC-UV analysis)
    •  Erucamide slip additives (isopropanol extraction, HPLC-UV analysis)
    •  Vitamine E (isopropanol extraction, HPLC-UV analysis)
    •  Irgafos 168 (isopropanol extraction, HPLC-UV analysis)
    •  Irganox 3114 (isopropanol extraction, HPLC-UV analysis)
    •  Irganox 1010 (isopropanol extraction, HPLC-UV analysis)
    •  Irganox 1076 (isopropanol extraction, HPLC-UV analysis)


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