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Hair & Urine Drug Screening

Biomarkers & Drugs

We screen for the following drugs in hair and urine samples:

>  Cannabinoids
    •  THC-COOH, Tetrahydrocannabinol - THC (Cannabis, Hashish, Marihuana)
>  Opiates
    •  Morphine (Codeine, Dihydrocodeine and in hair Monoacetylmorphine MAM)
>  Cocaine
    •  Benzoylecgonine, Cocaine
>  Amphetamines
    •  Amphetamine (Speed), Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth), MDMA/XTC (Extasy)
>  Methadone
    •  EDDP (Methadone metabolite), Methadon (Heroin substitute)
>  Benzodiazepine
    •  Diazepam, Nordiazepam, Oxazepam, Alprazolam, Hydroxy-Alprazolam, Bromazepam,
        Flunitrazepam, 7-Aminoflunitrazepam, Lorazepam
>  Ethylglucuronid
>  Tramadol
>  Tilidin
>  Buprenorphine
>  Propoxyphene (Heroin substitute)
>  Cotinine (Nicotine metabolite)
>  Oxycodone
>  Phencyclidine
>  Ketamine
>  Tricyclic antidepressants
>  Barbiturates

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