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We provide our customers with the following nanomaterials from our product line Nanosapatit®:

>  Chlorapatite
     •  (Ca)5[(Cl)|(PO4)3]
     •  (Mg)5[(Cl)|(PO4)3]
     •  (Sr)5[(Cl)|(PO4)3]

>  Hydroxylapatite
     •  (Ca)5[(OH)|(PO4)3]
     •  (Mg)5[(OH)|(PO4)3]
     •  (Sr)5[(OH)|(PO4)3]

>  Fluorapatite
     •  (Ca)5[(F)|(PO4)3]
     •  (Mg)5[(F)|(PO4)3]
     •  (Sr)5[(F)|(PO4)3]

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