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Natural Products

Contract Analysis

We analyze the following classes of compounds in terrestrial and marine natural products:

>  Lipids and Derivatives
    •  Hydrocarbons, Functionalized Hydrocarbons, Terpenes

>  Aromatics
    •  Tetrapyrroles, Phenols

>  Carbohydrates
    •  Mono-, Oligo-, Polysaccharides

>  Amines
>  Alkaloids
>  Amino acids
>  Nucleic acids, Nucleotides, Nucleosides
>  Peptides
>  Proteins

>  HPLC and preparative HPLC of extracts with fraction collection for in vitro and in vivo
    bioassays and structure elucidation

>  Screening of marine and terrestrial natural product extracts via gas chromatography
    mass spectrometry and spectral library matching for taxonomy investigations

>  Structure elucidation/determination by means of FT-ICR-MS, IR-, UV/Vis- and NMR
    Spectroscopy (600 MHz) of uncharacterized compounds up to 300 daltons

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