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Hair Elements Check

Biomarkers & Drugs

We analyze the following essential and harmful elements in hair (also colored hair) samples:


>  This package includes ICP-OES analysis of the following 30 parameters:
     •  Aluminium (harmful to health)
     •  Barium (harmful to health)
     •  Bismuth (industrial waste)
     •  Lead (harmful to health)
     •  Cadmium (toxic)
     •  Calcium (constituent of chalk)
     •  Chromium (harmful to health)
     •  Cobalt (harmful to health)
     •  Iron (strongly colouring)
     •  Potassium (heart electrolyte)
     •  Copper (potentially harmful to health)
     •  Lithium (natural antidepressant)
     •  Magnesium (mineral nutrient)
     •  Manganese (strongly colouring)
     •  Sodium (mineral nutrient)
     •  Nickel (allergenic)
     •  Boron (important for human health)
     •  Palladium (allergenic)
     •  Silver (disinfectant)
     •  Strontium (integrates in bones)
     •  Thallium (highly toxic)
     •  Arsenic (highly toxic)
     •  Mercury (toxic)
     •  Zinc (changes taste)
     •  Molybdenum (important for human health)
     •  Selenium (important for human health)
     •  Tin (slightly toxic)
     •  Vanadium (potentially toxic)
     •  Silicon (important for human health)
     •  Phosphorous (important for bones and cells)

Process time: 8-12 days


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